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8 movies you might want to watch with your kids

You probably clicked on this article because summer vacations have arrived and your kids are driving you nuts. We are aware that kids nowadays demand greater attention and want to spend most of their time with their parents especially during the summer when those cute little troublemakers are at home. 

We are sure by now you would have watched the classic Disney movies countless times, and songs like ‘circle of life’, and ‘let it go’ might have started hurting your ears. We see you and hence we have written this article to refresh your watch lists. So grab a paper and pen and start taking notes. 

However, before you do that, make sure that you have a reliable cable subscription because trust us you would not want to spend all this time jotting down these movies, and later find out your current cable provider does not provide you with sufficient entertainment channels. All this effort will go in vain. If you are tired of your current cable provider, then switching to a provider that offers an extensive channel lineup would be the way to go. However, if you are tired of paying a huge cable bill, you can go for streaming services. ISPs like Charter Spectrum are great when it comes to offering amazing and affordable plans for both internet and cable. 

So before making notes of the movies that we are about to mention, we would recommend you check your cable provider and see if it fulfills your requirements. Read the rest of the article, once you have completed this very important task.

8 best movies to watch with kids

Hotel Transylvania

This mysterious hotel is owned by Count Dracula who gives refuge to the monsters who feel like refreshing their souls. Hotel Transylvania is like a beautiful, luxurious resort where the monsters can be themselves without any human intervention. 

One fine weekend, Dracula decides to invite some other creepy creatures such as the Invisible Man and the Mummy to commemorate the 118th birthday of his beloved daughter. However, little did he know that a normal human being would unknowingly crash the birthday celebrations and fall in love with Dracula’s daughter played by Selena Gomez.  

Sonic the Hedgehog

Hedgehogs can be heroes too. This is what this movie is all about. The hedgehog is essentially the main character of this movie and is called Sonic. Why was he given this name you ask? Well, the word Sonic means relating to sound waves and we all know how fast these waves travel. 

This hedgehog was also blessed with incredible speed and hence was named Sonic. He starts living on planet Earth to protect it from evil until he unintentionally destroys the power grid, igniting the attention of the wicked Dr.Robotnik who is now going to attempt to use Sonic’s unique power in order to dominate the world.  


Who does not know Scooby doo? We have all grown up watching this funny, coward dog who along with his gang solves mysteries and exposes the villains. With millions of riddles solved as well as experiences shared, Scooby and his clan, face their most demanding mystery ever that drives them nuts. 

They attempt to free Cerberus who is actually a ghost dog and in doing so they face many hurdles. The crew discovers that Scooby has a vast legacy as well as a destiny larger than what anybody could have imagined as they rush to stop this worldwide dog catastrophe. 

Monsters, Inc.

Ever seen a scare factory? A factory that could make shivers run down your spine. Well, you will finally get a chance to see this factory in the movie ‘Monsters Inc.’ The main character of this movie is Sullivan who is the scariest monster. 

He is a colossal, intimidating monster with a huge, blue body decorated with purple spots. His best friend is a green, assertive, tiny single-eyed monster. Visiting from the earth is a petite girl named Boo who steps into this factory full of monsters. 

Minions: The Rise of Gru

In the early 70s, little Gru attempts to become a part of supervillains (Vicious 6) right after they expel their mastermind- the famous warrior Knuckles. When the interview goes horribly wrong, young Gru along with his minions flee, followed closely by the Vicious 6. Fortunately, he finds a surprising source of advice in Wild Knuckles himself, and he quickly learns that even villains can benefit from a little friendship. 

Turning Red

This movie is about a thirteen-year-old girl named Mei Lee who strives hard to be her mom’s dutiful daughter. Simultaneously she tries to face the challenges of the chaotic teenage life. And that’s not it. Whenever she gets super exhilarated, she turns into a huge red panda. 

The Bad Guys

After a lifespan of well-known heists, five ill-famed lawbreakers finally get caught. The animal outlaws need to pull off their trickiest deception yet-which requires them to be model citizens, in order to avoid going to jail. The questionable group, guided by their guru, sets out to convince the public that they are changing for the better. 

DC League of Super-Pets

This movie revolves around Superman and his pet dog Krypto who is also a super dog. Both Krypto and superman are best friends and share similar superpowers. With the help of these powers, they battle crime in the Metropolis area. 

Nevertheless, when all the superheroes get kidnapped, the entire pressure comes onto Krypto’s shoulders who goes out to convince a group of animals to use their newly discovered powers to rescue the heroes. 

Wrapping up

All of the movies listed in this article are entertaining, lively, and have the right amount of humor. Watch these movies with your kids and we guarantee you will have a great family time. 

8 movies you might want to watch with your kids

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