26/11 Attack: Trailer out of film ‘Major’, remembers martyr Major Sandeep

26 /11 Attack: The trailer of Bollywood film Major has been released today. The film is based on the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was martyred in the Mumbai attack. After watching the trailer of the film, the frightening picture of 26/11 will come out. The film depicts the entire story of Major Sandeep from childhood to his martyrdom in the Mumbai attack. Actor Adivi Shesh is playing the important character of Major Sandin in the film. Through which the story of the valor of Major Sandeep has been depicted.

In the trailer, you can see that since childhood, Major Sandeep dreams of becoming an army officer and wants to serve the country. Adivi, who is playing the role of Major, has played this character very well with his talent. The trailer of the film has been released on YouTube channel Yoni Sony Picture Film India. At the same time, Salman Khan and Mahesh Babu have also shared the trailer of the film through their social account Instagram. The trailer has been released in three languages.

The film is directed by Shashi Kiran Tikka and apart from Adivi Shesh, actress Dhulipal is going to be seen in an important role. She played the character of an overseas Indian woman in the film. Who gets caught by terrorists inside the hotel in that horrific attack on the night of 26/11. Actor Prakash Raj is playing the role of Major Sandeep’s father in the film. The film will be released on the big screen on June 3.

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