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Home » Woman Revokes ‘Matrimonial Privileges’ as Boyfriend Fails to Propose After Seven-Year Union

Woman Revokes ‘Matrimonial Privileges’ as Boyfriend Fails to Propose After Seven-Year Union

Woman Revokes 'Matrimonial Privileges' as Boyfriend Fails to Propose After Seven-Year Union

The recent narrative featured on Reddit, titled ‘AITA for retracting matrimonial privileges,’ has triggered a surge of exasperation among the forum’s participants in response to the OP’s relational quandary.

Navigating the complexities of relationships is an arduous endeavor, but it becomes notably more challenging when the shared vision of the future between partners diverges. This very predicament appears to be the crux of the latest tale posted on Reddit under the header ‘AITA for retracting matrimonial privileges.’

The narrative centers on the OP’s decision to vacate her shared abode with her boyfriend and withdraw what she terms “matrimonial privileges.” She takes this drastic step as her partner remains obstinately unyielding in his refusal to propose, even after seven years of companionship.

Partner’s Unwillingness to Propose Despite Seven-Year Togetherness

The OP is a 29-year-old, while her boyfriend is 31. Their journey together spans seven years. In the initial stages of their association, she made her yearning for engagement abundantly clear, envisioning herself adorned with a proposal by her twenty-sixth year of age.

The subject of matrimony was first broached by the OP before they marked four years together. However, her boyfriend, preoccupied with settling his student debts following the completion of his master’s degree, found himself ill-equipped to fulfill her desire for a proposal. “I suppressed my own desires and recognized the necessity for compromise in our partnership,” she lamented, reflecting on her understanding of his predicament at that juncture.

At present, he stands at the age of 31, positioned favorably in his career. The OP, engaged in remote work, has relocated to her boyfriend’s hometown where they now cohabitate. She candidly shares the poignant pang that witnessing the matrimony of her peers and relatives has induced in her. “I have borne witness to the joyous union of my friends and cousins, all the while grappling with the void that persists on my ring finger, evoking endless inquiries from acquaintances.”

The Unfolding of the ‘AITA for Retracting Matrimonial Privileges’ Saga

When the OP broached the topic of marriage once more, she discerned a palpable unease in her boyfriend’s demeanor. He contended that financial constraints were hindrances to procuring a ring and financing a wedding. Notably, he had recently acquired a motorcycle, a cherished possession since his formative years.

“Why do we require external validation?” he queried. “You maintain your independent health insurance; what purpose would matrimony serve?” His commentary left the OP crestfallen, her inner turmoil palpable. She questioned whether his sentiments for her were substantial enough to warrant a romantic gesture, one that would prioritize her over his prized motorcycle.

Upon confiding in her sister about the matter, she received the counsel to “revoke all wifely privileges until I attain the status I deserve.” This entailed refraining from household chores, culinary duties, moving out, and intermittently not shouldering his financial obligations, among other such measures.

Consequently, the OP chose not to renew the lease for their shared domicile. When confronted by her boyfriend’s fury, she made it explicit that she was now embracing the role of a girlfriend, vowing to sustain this status quo until she received the coveted upgrade.

Insights From Reddit Contributors

Numerous Reddit users observed a glaring incongruity in the aspirations of the OP and her partner. A substantial contingent of the community advocated for her to sever ties with him altogether.

“But… why persist in a relationship that’s inherently incompatible with your matrimonial aspirations? It’s evident that he doesn’t harbor a desire to wed you, and you’ve expended three years beyond your four-year benchmark schooling him in acquiescence,” one Reddit user opined.

“The comments regarding the insignificance of external validation make it undeniably clear that he harbors no intentions of wedding you. If matrimony is your foremost ambition, it might be prudent to acknowledge the culmination of this relationship,” echoed a second respondent.

A few users, while acknowledging the validity of her grievances, questioned the efficacy of her tactic to ‘revoke wifely privileges,’ branding it as juvenile behavior.

“Given the passage of seven years and their respective ages, it’s time for decisive action. The phrase ‘withholding wifely privileges’ carries an air of juvenility,” a second commentator quipped. “Your immature refusal to undertake what you consider spousal responsibilities, akin to a disgruntled child in a playground who’s been denied her desires, is unlikely to elevate his estimation of your desirability for marriage,” concluded another discerning observer.


1. What are “matrimonial privileges”?
Matrimonial privileges refer to the shared responsibilities and commitments typically associated with marriage, such as household chores, financial obligations, and a shared future.

2. Why did the OP choose to revoke these privileges?
The OP decided to revoke matrimonial privileges because her boyfriend had not proposed marriage after seven years together, despite her desire for marriage and her boyfriend’s ability to do so.

3. How did Reddit users react to the OP’s situation?
Reddit users had varying opinions. Some believed the OP should end the relationship, while others questioned the effectiveness of her tactic to revoke privileges.

4. Is external validation important in a relationship?
The boyfriend in this story questioned the significance of external validation through marriage, while the OP felt it was essential for her.

5. What can be learned from this story?
This story highlights the importance of communication and alignment of long-term goals in a relationship. It also shows that sometimes, taking a stand may be necessary to address unresolved issues.


The story of the woman who revoked “matrimonial privileges” due to her boyfriend’s refusal to propose after seven years of companionship highlights the complexities of relationships. It’s a tale of differing aspirations and the challenges of aligning those aspirations. The Reddit community had mixed reactions, emphasizing the importance of communication and the need to address long-standing issues. In the end, this narrative serves as a reminder that understanding and compromise are vital in any successful relationship.

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